Online Mapping Solutions


Designing and developing business class web-based mapping applications. Rapidly deployed. Easily accessed.

About Online Mapping Solutions

Online Mapping Solutions LLC, located in Santa Cruz, CA, was founded in 2001 by Alex Fordyce to provide technology solutions focused on web-based spatial applications with a goal to help clients access the benefits of internet and web-enabled applications using GIS technology.

Alex began his professional career in 1996 at Autodesk with the GIS Group and worked with the MapGuide Product Team on that product's first release in 1997. With over 15 years of GIS experience, Online Mapping Solutions has been involved with a variety of projects ranging from web-based GIS application design and development to desktop GIS data creation and enterprise systems management using a variety of different technologies.

OMS has partnered with other technology providers to deliver GIS solutions: Autodesk Inc., K-TEK Solutions, Hydroconsult Engineers Inc., Lynx Technologies Inc., RMC Water and Environment.

Online Mapping Solutions LLC seeks to be a trusted business partner with its clients and values integrity in all its relationships.


Using GIS software platforms from both open source organizations and commercial companies (ESRI, Autodesk, and Google), Online Mapping Solutions has the capacity to efficiently design and develop web GIS applications that can be rapidly deployed on intranets or the Internet.