Online Mapping Solutions

Spatial Solutions and GIS Services

Designing and developing business class web-based mapping applications. Rapidly deployed. Easily accessed.

Online Mapping Solutions LLC designs, develops, and implements secure web-based GIS applications that allow users to easily view and query spatial information from any location with web access.

Web Mapping

View and analyze spatial data along with your existing business systems – leverage your investment and the value of your IT infrastructure.

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GIS Cloud

Host your geospatial information in the Cloud. Applications are designed for change and agility so that future enhancements can be implemented quickly.

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GIS Mobile

Search and view spatial information using mobile devices. Access your existing data in the field and on the go with apps implementing responsive design and HTML5.

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Visualize your Data - Leverage past and on-going investments in database information and maintenance by enabling rapid, secure access to information at a much lower cost per seat than desktop software.

Spatial Intelligence - Easily relate map information to other large datasets such as business geographics, assessor, asset management, risk models, and utilities information. Pipe assets, parcel data, inspection results, and store locations accessed through intuitive web applications.

More Efficient Organizations - GIS applications can be integrated with multiple data sources enhaning communication between departments. Streamline project planning and inititives across an organization. Know more before you make decisions and move assets.

Secure Access - Authorized users can have view and edit capabilities in the field. Change tracking and notations are recorded to create an automatic audit trail.